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Francisco Cruz III
Francisco Cruz III
Senior Level Architect @ Arkane Studios
Austin, TX, United States of America


As an art junkie, I am usually making arts (digitally & physically) on a daily basis. If I am not making games, I am playing games. If I am not playing games, I am physically crafting props from a game. It is what I live for.
I was born in New Jersey > Raised in Puerto Rico > Full Sailed in Florida > New beginnings in Washington > Wandered around California > Returned to Washington to live a dream > Created new adventures in Georgia > And now fighting the heat here in Texas~

I currently have 10+ years of experience. It consists of military simulations, tv, short films, and video games. Some shipped titles include: Destiny, Socom 4, The Universe: Space Wars, Blood Predator, and Wallenda. I am proficient with Maya, Substance, UE4, CryEngine, & Photoshop, Just to name a few.

When a program unexpectedly crash and/or I rage quit, I can be found walking the dogs, Vertex & Isaac (Yes, named after Isaac Clarke of Dead Space) along the riverside with my wife, Bev. She is the 2D to my 3D.