Destiny (Titan & Warlock)

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Destiny wasn't released yet, so I referred to the E3 footage and whatever google has yielded.
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Making some notes.
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Blocked the helmet in Maya.
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Unwrapped in Pepakura. Only 10 pages~
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Pieces cut & masking taped together for a test fit.
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Once happy, I dismantled & traced the pattern onto regular 5mm craft foam with a ball point pen.
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Used an electric, hot knife for most foam cuts.
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For the visor, I went high-tech & hot glued black pantyhose with chicken wire behind to help hold the shape.
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To cleanup my sloppy cut work, just insert some 3d printed pieces~
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o help smooth out seams & prep for painting, I've used Liquitex's flexible modeling paste. Works like spakling. Found this stuff at Michaels.
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I've eyeballed the rest of the armor here on out. Traced some shapes on a paper bag, transfer & cut into foam. I've also used a heat gun to help aid in bending the foam.
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A 3d printer was used for more unique, duplicated pieces. Used a flat nib hot knife attachment for indents & rivet pieces
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For the crest, Bev quickly sculpted something in Zbrush.
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My printer can only print in a 4 inch volume, so had to break it into smaller chunks.
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Coated everything with black Plastidip to seal & prime for acrylic paints.
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Alongside foam-smithing, Bev enlisted the help of a friend to aid in sewing. Photos lacking, we pushed further to get both costumes done for Pax. One, two, skip a few, costumes are done in time for Pax & Bungie launch event!
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Needless to say, we were a hit at the launch party.
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One of the only photo of us without being swarmed with people :D

Destiny: A Titan & Warlock cosplay for Pax 2014 and Destiny launch!
Project includes craft foam, fabrics, and a Ghost! This build was particularly hectic due to many start / stops, my contract nearing an end, coupled with interviews, and that looming Pax date...