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Paladins (Fernando & Cassie)

With TwitchCon 2015 coming up & Hi-Rez having a big presence, I had volunteered Bev & myself to attend in full costume. We went as Fernando - the Self Appointed Knight, & Cassie -The Hunter's Daughter. This was a cram-tastic, sleepless nights, last minute craft runs, hectic two weeks build! LET'S GO!

Some stuff I've used during this project:
Cardboard, scissors, card stock, fabric, hot knife (Wood burning tool, to cut foam), heat Gun (To shape foam), masking tape, foam (5mm & EVA mats), sand paper, contact Cement, tons of hot glue (Contact cement was taking too long), many trips to Goodwill / Jo-Ann, Mod Podge (To seal foam), acrylic paints, spray paints, many bottles of energy drinks~

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Blocking everything with cardboard~

Francisco cruz 23602928960 94b9de7ff4 h

Blocking everything with cardboard~

Francisco cruz 23790292432 212ebb80f7 h

Some fabrics from Jo-Ann.

Francisco cruz 23790281332 a4cc7fbc94 h

ranslating the cardboard cut-outs into foam.

Francisco cruz 23530703789 8ae81418d3 h

Temporarily held together with masking tape until I spam the hot glue & contact cement.

Francisco cruz 23602845430 486243648f b

Blocking out the chest piece with cardboard, then foaming it.

Francisco cruz 23270336344 d508774b61 h

The pile grows.

Francisco cruz 23602805700 e3f3c8e976 h

Start of the eventual bow (Unfinished).

Francisco cruz 23790173642 87805e1e26 b

Fits like a bad glove. Chest piece hung a little high, but no time for iteration. Had to get these done as soon as possible for the morning shipment. CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT?! (Or rather, the lack of sleep)?

Francisco cruz 23898495215 37b07c0297 h

Sealing pieces with Plasti-Dip.

Francisco cruz 23872389546 04fa37620b h

Coats of last minute spray painting.

Francisco cruz 23815986211 eff078649b h
Francisco cruz 23530561399 4b91ea597e h

Shiny silver & ready for San Francisco!

Francisco cruz 23898479985 395ab012e6 h

With the Lance & chest heading to the west coast, we scurried to finish the rest of the outfit. Gem attempt with acrylic sheets. Hot glued in place.

Francisco cruz 23872507376 a4732b431b b

Bev shaping & sanding Cassie pieces.

Francisco cruz 23602730490 7ee49f2c4e o

Spray paint was fume were rising (Seeping in from the patio), so went with acrylic paints for the smaller pieces.

Francisco cruz 23271644033 edce322307 b

ev showcasing how big of a head I have / Fernando's feather work & braiding for Cassie's wig.

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Francisco cruz 23271632823 beb9e5525f h

Made a Goodwill trip to gather old leather pieces (boots, jackets, handbags). They were dismantled, then made into the loincloth.

Francisco cruz 23815939291 4c621f7fe4 h

Remaining pieces ready to be checked on flight (Larger chest piece and lance were sent via Fedex).

Francisco cruz 23271553423 ba74dda31c h

Moscone West Convention Center...

Francisco cruz 23815870111 8b08d7a110 h

TwitchCon 2015!

Francisco cruz 23530317589 88241ef18c b

We wandered throughout the building, greeting people, handing out early access cards, and making new friends~

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Francisco cruz 23602302450 0a042c7887 h

We definitely stood out downtown San Francisco. Who would of thought we would be a hit with the security officers and construction workers...

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Francisco cruz 23891574266 8a29de1e32 b

Fun's over, back to work~